Drop Music Official


THE CLIENT: Drop started out as a fundraiser combinining the love for music with the message of raising awareness against plastic by organising events in the heart of Amsterdam. After their first successful party in Club Oak in Leidseplein, they are now hosting a series of livestream events that support the cause and provides useful information, creating a movement that supports music, positivity and our planet.

2D Logo Design

The client was looking for a minimal and poligon design of a drop of water to symbolize the delicacy of our ocean. After some research about polygonal shapes and other drop-shaped designs as well as origami, I proposed and designed a 2D version of the logo using Adobe Illustrator and a light blue color-based palette to indicate the connection to clean water.

2D Drop logo design process

3D logo Design and Animation

Due to new designs trends, including 3D animation and 3D printing, the organisation asked me to make a 3D version of their logo and an animated logo intro for marketing purposes.

3D logo Design process on Maxxon Cinema 4D

Using the polygonal 2D logo as starting idea, I created a 3D version in Maxxon Cinema 4D using a distorted sphere as basic shape. For the final animation, the ripple effect and reflections were created by applying a particle generator to a ripple and water texture of a plane object. The final video was exported in After Effects for final adjustment layers and rendering.

Only one camera was used in the scene and it was positioned and rotated from the center of the polygonal logo to the outside to finally reveal the full 3D logo. Few different lights were also used in the scene to create a deeper atmosphere which reflects the style of music from the organisers.

Live Streaming Events

For the Strawless campaign held in bar Feijoa in the center of Amsterdam, the client asked me to create an animated introduction to their livestream. The animation was created by putting together a 2D graphic created using a combination of Adobe illustrator and Photoshop together with a 3D logo animation designed with Maxxon Cinema 4D.

I was also asked to set up the livestream itself, which included the addition of few other animated graphic material, such as titles, artists names, the use of OBS Studio software, and one HD camera and an external audio card for the streaming of audio and video. watch the full video